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January 2014

A new postdoctoral fellow is joining our lab! Welcome, Talee!

December 2013

Jessica gave a talk back in October at the CARTA Symposium and it is now online! Go check it out by clicking here.

November 2013

Jessica published a study in the journal Child Development! Read it online by clicking here.


September 2013

We want to congratulate Monica Burns on her acceptance to Harvard! She will be working with Dr. Felix Warneken in the Laboratory for Developmental Studies. Miranda Sitch will be our new lab manager. Good luck, ladies!

June 2013

Eight (!) of our current research assistants graduated, plus a few lab alums! Congratulations!

May 2013

At the University of Washington's 42nd Annual Psychology Research Festival, our first-year graduate student Ari gave a talk on findings from her First Year Project. Our honors student Chelsea presented findings from her honors thesis project in a poster session.


April 2013

Jessica and Kayla both gave presentations at SRCD this year! Ari and Monica each presented their posters! After the first day, we went out to celebrate and mingle with our friends and colleagues from Cornell, UC Berkeley, Yale, and MIT.

kayla kayla kayla happyhour

January 2013

The ECCL is preparing to go to the 2013 meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development in Seattle! Kayla will give a talk on the first day in a paper session on the origins of knowledge about objects. Jessica will give a talk on the second day in a paper symposium on the developmental and cross-cultural perspectives on fairness understanding. Ari and Monica will present posters. For more information on the conference (including how to attend) see the SRCD website.

December 2012 published an article on our studies of moral development in infancy. Check out the article, video clips, and an interview with Jessica here!

Ari was profiled in the Psychology Department Winter Newsletter! Click here to read the interview.

September 2012

A new graduate student is joining our lab! Welcome Ari!

July 2012

Welcome summer interns! This year we're hosting students from Pomona College, Agnes Scott College, and Scripps College (glad to have you back, Julie!)

June 2012

Jessica presented preliminary results on our longitudinal study supported by a grant from Wake Forest University and the John Templeton Foundation at a conference in North Carolina! Click here to watch her presentation on YouTube.

Kayla and Monica presented posters at the XVII Biennial International Conference on Infant Studies in Minneapolis!

Kayla river Monica
Minneapolis MonicaandKayla

Jessica, Kayla, and Monica went to the Whiteley Center for a grant-writing retreat!

Retreat Retreat Retreat Retreat

May 2012

Dr. Jessica Sommerville was interviewed for a story on the development of fairness in the magazine Parent Map. Read about it here!


We published a study in the journal Infancy! Read it online by clicking here.

April 2012

Dr. Jessica Sommerville will be talking about our research at UC San Diego and the University of Chicago this month!

February 2012

We're going to the 2012 Biennial International Conference on Infant Studies (ICIS) in Minneapolis! Kayla and Jung-eun will be presenting posters on their research.

We hosted some prospective graduate students over the weekend. We hope they enjoyed their interviews with faculty and tours of UW, and had a great (albeit rainy) time in Seattle!

October 2011

Our article on our Fairness study with 15-month-olds was published in the journal PLoS One today, and it's making waves. Check out the coverage at ABC's Good Morning America, Fox News, and Psych Central. You can also read the full article online here.


Kayla just got back from the Cognitive Development Society's Biennial Meeting, where she presented her poster "Error-Related Components in 4 & 5 year olds." She was excited to meet Amanda Woodward, who was Jessica's graduate advisor at the University of Chicago.

September 2011

We've moved! We are now a part of the Center for Child and Family Well-Being, located at 3903 Brooklyn Ave NE (formerly the Staff Services Building). We're excited to be a part of this brand-new, interdisciplinary research center. This also means we have a new phone number (206-221-2240) and campus box number (355665). See our Contact page for more info!

August 2011

Dr. Jessica Sommerville has been invited to be the Associate Director of the Foundations for Social, Emotional & Cognitive Competence Core at the new Center For Child and Family Well-Being!

July 2011

A paper based on our "Fairness" study with 15-month-olds was accepted for publication!

June 2011

Congratulations graduates! Em is leaving soon to work as a post-doc at UC San Diego, but first she's headed to brain camp! Anna got a job as a full-time research assistant at Stanford University and Monica is our new lab manager. We're also looking forward to hosting summer interns from Carleton College, Lewis & Clark College, Scripps College, and Tufts University!

May 2011

Anna presented her honors thesis, Causal perception in social context: An event-related potential study, in a presentation at UW’s Undergraduate Research Symposium and the Honors Psychology Poster Session. Monica also presented her honors thesis, What kinds of experience affect infant helping?, in a presentation at UW’s Undergraduate Research Symposium and the Honors Psychology Poster Session. Sarah presented her poster, When a friend doesn't look like me: Social preferences and selective helping in infancy at UW’s Undergraduate Research Symposium.

AnnaMonica URSSarah

April 2011

The ECCL attended the biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development in Montreal, Canada!

SRCDfloor SRCDgroup
SRCDgroup KaylaKarin Montreal

Jessica, Jung-eun, and Em presented their paper Infants' Emerging Moral Sensitivity: The Cases of Fairness and Altruism in a symposium. Jeff presented his paper Perceptual Tuning in Action Perception: Is motor experience the cause?, in a symposium he organized. Jeff also presented his poster Attention to Configural Action Information is Dependent on Action Context. Karin and Kayla presented their poster, Twelve-month-old infants anticipate object weight in a novel context, in a poster session where they met other researchers who study object weight. Sarah, Monica, and Jung-eun presented their poster When a Friend Doesn’t Look Like Me: 12‐Month‐Old Infants Overcome Ethnicity Bias & Prefer Social Individuals, where they met an author cited in their poster! Sarah also participated in SRCD's Millenium Scholar program.


March 2011

Em and Anna presented their poster, Categorical representation of physical causation: An event-related potential study, at the annual meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society in San Francisco, California!

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