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At the ECCL, we use a variety of research methods to test infants, children, and adults. For information about specific studies and our findings, see our newsletters.

Recent Publications

Sommerville, J. A., Bernstein, D. M., Meltzoff, A. (in press). Measuring beliefs in centimeters: Private knowledge biases preschoolers' and adults' representation of others' beliefs. Child Development.

Sommerville, J. A., Schmidt, M. F. H., Yun, J., Burns, M. (2013). The development of fairness expectations and prosocial behavior in the second year of life. Infancy, 18, 40–66.

Loucks, J., & Sommerville, J. A. (2012). The role of motor experience in understanding action function: The case of the precision grasp. Child Development83, 801-809.

Loucks, J., & Sommerville, J. A. (2012). Developmental changes in the discrimination of dynamic human actions in infancy. Developmental Science15, 123-130.

Sommerville, J. A., Upshaw, M. B., Loucks, J. (2012). The nature of goal-directed action representations in infancy. Advances in Child Development and Behavior, 43, 351-87.

Sommerville, J. A., Venema, K., Blumenthal, E. J., & Sage, K. D. (2012). The body in action: The impact of self-produced action on infants' action perception and understanding. In V. Slaughter, C. A. Brownell (Eds.), Early development of body representations (pp. 247-266). New York, NY US: Cambridge University Press.

Schmidt, M. F. H. & Sommerville, J. A. (2011). Fairness expectations and altruistic sharing in 15-month-old human infants. PLoS ONE 6: e23223.

Bernstein, D. M., Thornton, W., & Sommerville, J. A. (2011). Theory of mind through the ages: Older and middle-aged adults exhibit more errors than do younger adults on a continuous false belief task. Experimental Aging Research37, 481-502. 

Sommerville, J. A., & Woodward, A. L. (2010). The link between action production and action processing in infancy. In F. Grammont, D. Legrand, P. Livet (Eds.), Naturalizing intention in action (pp. 67-89). Cambridge, MA US: MIT Press.


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Recent Video

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