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2009-2010 Continuing Education Program Schedule

Northwest Center for Occupational Health & Safety
Course Descriptions & Schedule

Puget Sound Occupational & Environmental Medicine Grand Rounds 
February 4, 2010, March 11, April 8, May 13, Seattle, WA
This series of evening dinner and lecture sessions focuses on issues facing the occupational and environmental medicine community. 

Annual Hazardous Waste Refreshers
January 11, 2010, Seattle                       
January 12, 2010, Seattle                       
January 13, 2010, Seattle                       
January 14, 2010, Seattle
January 15, 2010, Olympia
Employees involved in hazardous waste operations can receive their annual eight hours of required refresher training by attending any of these courses. Group exercises, lectures, and a case study will provide real-life approaches to hazardous waste site operations.   Instructor: John Malool

Legal Aspects of Worksite Safety and Health:
Preventing General Contractors, Subs and Owners from Accident Litigation
February 24, 2010, Seattle, WA
This course will review all the elements of third party liability when an accident occurs at your facility to a worker other than your own.  Hear from speakers representing plaintiff and defense lawyers in Washington, liability insurance, OSHA/DOSH (WISHA), general contractors, Labor and Industries third party subrogation, and owners who have experienced third party liability litigation.

Vibration Ergonomics
March 19, 2010, Portland, OR
March 23, 2010, Seattle, WA

What’s shaking?  In this course we will examine vibration exposures, including hand-arm vibration associated with hand tool use, and whole body exposures associated with vehicle operation.

A Small Dose of Toxicology: How Chemicals Affect Your Health
April 28, 2010, Seattle, WA
Join Award-Winning Author Steve Gilbert for this basic course on the principles of toxicology and health effects of chemical agents.  This course will identify potential health hazards of toxic chemicals and present methods for preventing exposure.   It is designed for those who may have a little background in toxicology yet must deal with chemicals at work, in the home, or at school.  It will be useful for anyone who is interested in better understanding chemicals and their health effects or wanting a refresher course on toxicology. This course is based on Steve’s book, “A Small Dose of Toxicology,” which each participant will receive.

A Larger Dose of Toxicology: How Chemicals Affect Your Health
April 29, 2010, Seattle, WA
Join Award-Winning Author Steve Gilbert for this advanced course designed for non-toxicologists who have attended the “Small Dose of Toxicology” or who have some background in toxicology.  This program will review the basic principles of toxicology before focusing on state-of-the-art research, risk assessment, and risk communication.  Participants will learn health effects of chemicals, why some people are especially sensitive, individual dose/response curse, current research issues, ethical aspects of toxicology and hazard communication. This course is based on Steve’s book, “A Small Dose of Toxicology,” which each participant will receive.

NIOSH-Approved Spirometry Training for Workers Screening
This course is designed to provide a comprehensive NIOSH regulatory framework combined with practical training necessary to conduct spirometry screening and testing for health professionals in both an industrial and clinical setting. This course is appropriate for those with no prior spirometer experience as well as seasoned spirometrists. For more information and current offerings, visit, or contact the instructor: Martha Horike-Pyne, RPFT, MPH


Designing the Age Friendly Workplace
ERC Staff Only: Age Friendly Workplace Forum- Dec. 7-8, 2009





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