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Electrical Standards

Full Tuition: $610
Multiple Registrant Tuition: $510 (register two or more people from the same company at the same time)
Government Rate Tuition: $560
Professional Development: 2.0 CEUs
Contact Hours: 20 hours
3.01 ABIH Safety Certification Maintenance Points - Approval #09-3391

This hands-on course provides the student with a survey of the OSHA regulations that must be followed by qualified and non-qualified workers alike.

Students learn about the production of electricity and how it is delivered to the end user as well as the hazards associated with high and low voltage current. Basic definitions and explanation of electric generation provides the required skills needed to understand electrical systems. The role of electricity in both industrial and construction applications is discussed, along with the practices required to safely work with and around electricity. Ground fault circuit interrupters, hazardous locations, electrical test equipment, and the new NPFA 70E are discussed in this course.

This course is recommended for safety supervisors, managers, maintenance workers, and any employee who routinely works with or around electrical devices. Emphasis is placed on electrical hazard recognition and compliance with OSHA and NEC regulations.