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What are the standards of admission for the Safety & Health Specialist certificate program?
  Participants must currently be working either in construction or general industry. The must be in a position that entails some responsibility for health and safety. Some of the certificates have more stringent requirements (i.e. 5 years of experience in Safety and Health). Participants should refer to the specific certificate of interest or contact the Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center about those prerequisites.

How long does it take to complete the Safety & Health Certificate program?

  Many graduates have completed the program in one year or less. Once you have applied for the Safety & Health Specialist certificate program, you have three years to complete the program.

Can I retroactively count courses I've already taken?


Courses that have been taken up to three years prior to your date of application are counted toward completion of the certificate.

What constitutes "successful completion of courses?"

The individual courses within the certificate program have tests or activities that must be completed at the end of each course (tests are kept on file in our UW office). These courses and activities are graded on a completion/non-completion system, with completion being the equivalent of a B grade. Students are required to obtain a certificate of completion in all required courses to receive a Safety and Health Specialist Certificate.

In what order should I take classes?

Most courses have no required order. The only exceptions are the trainer courses, which have prerequisite classes (i.e. OSHA 510: Standards for the Construction Industry must be taken prior to OSHA 500: Trainer Course in Standards for the Construction Industry.) Please contact the Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center for assistance in planning, scheduling, and registering for your certificate courses.


Can I apply for more than one certificate?


You can apply for more than one certificate. Core courses that have already been taken as part of another certificate do not need to be repeated. However, electives cannot be counted toward more than one certificate.

Can I get college credit for the courses I've taken?
  At this time, the University of Washington does not grant academic credit for the courses within the certificate program.


Can I take classes from other training agencies?


You are allowed to take up to two of the OSHA numbered courses applicable to your certificate from other OSHA Education Centers. The course must be taken within the three year deadline and our office must receive a copy of your certificate of completion from that course to have it credited to your certificate.


May I substitute another similar training for one of the certificate courses?


The University of Washington does not allow substitutions for the courses required to complete a certificate.

Where is my transcript kept?

The Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center keeps all students records and transcripts on file in its offices. You will receive a quarterly update of your certificate status and, upon completion of the program, you will receive your transcript and certificate. You can request additional copies of your transcript by phone (206-685-3089 or 800-326-7568) or by e-mail (



For more information on the DEH CE program, please contact our office.
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