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The mission of the Environmental Health Laboratory is to:

  • Provide consultative and analytical services to employers and labor through support to industrial hygiene and occupational medicine professionals in Washington State. Our expertise is in chemical hazard identification, monitoring, and analysis.

  • Support training of industrial hygiene and occupational medicine professionals in chemical hazard assessment.

  • Research and develop new analytical and sampling methodologies for workplace chemical hazards.

About Us:

person in a labThe Environmental Health Laboratory (EHL) and Trace Organics Analysis Center (TOAC) are co-located on the fourth floor of the F-Wing of the Health Sciences Center.

The EHL was accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) during 1977-2008 and is accredited by AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC (AIHA-LAP, LLC; Lab ID: 101871) 2008 to mid-2017. We provide analytical support for the Field Research and Consultation Group and Exposure Sciences academic degree in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences; the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries; and labor organizations, employers, and workers throughout the State.

The TOAC is supported by research grants and income from fee-for-service analyses.


The Environmental Health Laboratory began in the 1940s as the "Environmental Research Lab" within the Preventive Medicine division of the School of Medicine. Since that time, the Preventive Medicine division has become the School of Public Health and Community Medicine and the "Environmental Reseach Lab" has grown into the Department of lab photoEnvironmental and Occupational Health Sciences. The EHL's laboratory-based service, teaching, and research mission has continued to the present day.


Soul Catch
Our symbol, the
"Soul Catcher," is a Northwest Coast Indian symbol of physical and mental well-being.
(Artist: Marvin Oliver)


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