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Soul Catch
Our symbol, the
"Soul Catcher," is a Northwest Coast Indian symbol of physical and mental well-being.
(Artist: Marvin Oliver)



For information on EHL/TOAC services and costs, please contact:

e-mail: ehlab@uw.edu

Travel directions to the UW Environmental Health Lab

Health Science Map (pdf)

From I-5 Northbound:
Just north of downtown Seattle, exit on Hwy. 520 toward Bellevue. Get off Hwy. 520 at the first exit (Montlake Blvd). Turn left on Montlake Blvd. Continue north, across the Montlake Bridge, to NE Pacific St. Turn left onto NE Pacific Street and travel about 500 yards to 15th Ave. NE, and turn left. The road goes down the hill and curves to the left and goes directly to Gate 6 for Parking Area (S-1).

From I-5 Southbound:
Exit I-5 at the NE 45th St. Exit. Turn left (Eastbound) at the stoplight on NE 45th St. Continue on 45th until you reach 15th Ave. NE. Turn right. Come down the hill on 15th Ave. and go across NE Pacific Street. 15th Ave. NE then curves to the left and goes directly to Gate 6 for Parking Lot (S-1).

Parking on Campus
Once you reach the gatehouse, inform the attendant that you are here to drop off/pick up samples at the Environmental Health Lab. Any unmarked vehicle must have a valid parking permit in order to park on campus. While conducting official business, you are entitled to a free 30-minute Commercial Delivery permit, which can be obtained at the gatehouse. As the loading dock may be crowded or busy with delivery trucks, private vehicles are often advised to park across the street from the building, in the S-1 parking garage where there are designated 30 minute Load/Unload spaces.

This can be a difficult area to navigate and park. It is wise to be prepared to walk a distance as up-close and/or loading dock parking is not always available. Parking rules on campus are strictly enforced.

From the G-Wing Loading Dock to our Laboratory:
The G-wing Loading dock is immediately to the west of the F-wing, where our lab is located. Come up the inclined ramp on the east side of the loading dock and turn right, through the automatic doors. Follow the signs to the elevator. Take the elevator to the 4th floor, turn right as you exit the elevator, then right again, and then left, down the hallway toward Portage Bay. The Lab's Business Office is F-461B.






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