Class Project:  Conversion of east 40% of Parking Lot E5 to native prairie vegetation.

Parking lot being prepared:

Image1. Standing in one of the two bays which was subsequently ripped after removal of trailers, concrete dividers, light standards; looking north.

Image 2. Looking northwest across lot after gravel base was ripped by University Physical Plant maintainer.

Image 3. Culvert connecting existing wetland north of parking lot E5 with depressional area in the parking lot. You are looking east along Wahkiakum Lane.

Class members working on restoration:

Image 4. Mixing composted material for a soils treatment.

Image 5. Site preparation.

Image 6. Working on one of the treatments.

Image 7. Dumping topsoil onto a mound.

Image 8. Working on building up a mound in seasonally flooded part of site.

Image 9. Completed mounds ready for planting native prairie species.

Image 10. More mounds. Different treatments are visible.

Planting prairie plants, and the final product:

Image 11. Hard work on planting day.

Image 12. Cutting whips of red-osier dogwood

Image 13. Planting Idaho fescue plugs

Image 14. Linear mounds

Image 15. Stones to create microhabitats

Image 16. Garry oak seedling

Image 17. Mulch treatments, including black plastic film

Image 18. Winged peril

Image 19. The finished site