Seed Storage:  Effects of temperature and moisture


Each 1% reduction in seed moisture doubles seed life.


Each 10o F reduction in seed temperature doubles seed life.


Above 30% seed moisture, non-dormant seeds will begin to germinate.


10-15% moisture content suppresses seed activity and fungus.


At less than 14% seed moisture, no ice crystals will form, so you may store seeds below freezing.


At below 10% moisture, few insects survive.


At below 50o F, few insects grow.


100o F is the maximum temperature that should be used to dry seeds of most plants.


4-6o F is ideal seed moisture content for long term storage (more than a year). Can be higher if refrigerated.


Seeds stored in refrigerator or freezer must be in sealed container, or they will imbibe moisture.


Seeds dried to a low water content take a longer time to germinate.