You are assigned to a group in a way that attempts to mix, as much as is possible, majors and grade levels. Part of the reason for the group project is that such projects are common in both the public and private sectors, and you need to get comfortable with them.

Some groups click better than others. So that there is some way to compensate for different levels of participation and creativity in a group, an evaluation form has been designed (it is now widely used) to allow group members to grade themselves and their colleagues. By using this form, we are obviously encouraging you to put as much effort as you can into your project.

Here is how it works. An initial grade (A, B, C, etc.) is assigned (by instructor and TA) to your group project. You grade yourself and your co-workers using the evaluation form (see link below).We calculate the average score for each individual in a group and the individual's score is compared to the group mean. (Actually, standard deviations are used to score each student's grading). If you score higher than the group mean, your project grade is increased. If you score lower than the group mean, your project grade is decreased.

The evaluation form gives you general guidance on how to evaluate aspects of group work. It should also give you insight into what is expected of you if you want your group project grade increased rather than decreased.