Field Trip Report 3:  Restored wetland sites


To start this trip, we will look at potential SR520 floating bridge mitigation sites in the Union Bay Natural Area. We will then drive to the Bothell campus wetland restoration site. The third site will be Thornton Creek as it flows through an excavated streambed adjacent to the Thornton Place development next to Northgate.  We will then move south to see the Magnuson Park wetland restoration site.

Look at the Magnuson Park wetland plan at this site:

Invasive plants

What are they?  How badly have they impacted the sites?

Native plants

What species did the designers choose for their restorations?  Which ones are most common?  Which are doing well?


1.  How much shade is at each site?

2.  How wet is each site?

3.  What is the disturbance history?

4.  How are the natives vs. invasives doing?

          What is being done to suppress invasives?

          What is being done to encourage the planted natives?

          What is the most threatening weedy species?

          What native has the best likelihood of success?

5.  What is the neighborhood like…is it a lot like what the restoration is intended to develop into, or is it quite different (urban, agricultural)?

6.  The neighborhood usually determines how much effort must go into keeping the restoration on track.  How much effort do you think each site has required or will require?

7. ...What unique features have been installed at each site?