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2002-2003 Presidential Scholars

2002-2003 Scholars

Eric Chu

Project Title: Use of Statistics Over Data Structures
Project Advisor: Dr. Alon Halevy (Computer Science & Engineering)

Oluwatope Fashola

Project Title: The Impact of Ethnic Identity and Discrimination on Academic Impacts
Project Advisor: Dr. Tracy Harachi (Social Work)

Emily Lowe

Project Title: Determining the Effects of TRAIL in DC-Medicated T Cell Development
Project Advisor: Dr. Robert Franza (Bioengineering)

Janelle Sagmiller

Project Title: Recruiting Rounds: Recruiting Middle School and High School Minority Students into Nursing Using an oral Presentation and Interactive Dialogue
Project Advisor: Dr. Kristen Swanson (School of Nursing)

Kwun Wah Wen

Project Title: Biochemical Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Analogs of Myxalamids and Genetic Modification of the Myxalamid PKS Loading Domain
Project Advisor: Dr. Taifo Mahmud (Chemistry)