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2003-2004 Presidential Scholars

2003-2004 Scholars

Chris Baker

Project Title: Statistical Imitation Learning Using a Robotic Head
Project Advisor: Dr. Rajesh Rao (Computer Science & Engineering)

Vincent Gonzalez

Project Title: The Cocalero Movement in Bolivia
Project Advisor: Dr. Angelina Godoy (Jackson School of International Studies)

Ian Li

Project Title: Electronic Placemat: A Sketching Application for Paper-and-Pencil Games
Project Advisor: Dr. Richard Anderson (Computer Science & Engineering)

Lisa Nguyen

Project Title: Using Diagnostic Ultrasound as Guidance for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to Treat Neurological Diseases and Disorders
Project Advisor: Dr. Pierre Mourad (Neurogical Surgery & Applied Physics Laboratory)

Nicole Pete

Project Title: The Invisible Foundation: Understanding the Unique Family Structure of African American Mothers and Their Resiliency in Developing Coping Strategies
Project Advisor: Dr. Pamela Jordan (Family & Child Nursing)

Derek White

Project Title: Public vs. Private Schools: Addressing the Issue of Academic Disparities
Project Advisor: Dr. Rick Bonus (American Ethnic Studies)