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2004-2005 Boeing/OMA Scholars

2004-2005 Scholarship

Andrea Christopher

Project Title: Circadian Rhythms of Temperature and Corticosterone Release in the Forced Desynchronized Rat
Project Advisor: Dr. Horacio de la Iglesia (Biology)

Aziel Epilepsia

Project Title: Smart Biopolymers for Microfluid Lab-on-a-Chip Applications in Genomics
Project Advisor: Dr. Karl Bohringer (Electrical Engineering)

Andrea Repetto

Project Title: Sloths of the Early Quaternary in Washington State
Project Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Nesbitt (Earth and Space Sciences)

Jenny Yuen

Project Title: Creation of a Method to Identify Insects from a Large Database Using Statistical and Probabilistic Approaches
Project Advisor: Dr. Linda Shapiro (Computer Science and Engineering)