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2004-2005 Presidential Scholars

2004-2005 Scholarship

Wing (Winnie) Chan

Project Title: Acculturation and Help-Seeking Behaviors of Asian Americans
Project Advisor: Dr. Ana Marie Cauce (Psychology)

Brooke Clark

Project Title: What Constitutes a High School Senior: Defining a Senior to Study Attrition Rates
Project Advisor: Dr. Charles Hirschman (Sociology)

Eric Mvukiyehe

Project Title: Measuring Success and Failure of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations in Intrastate Wars
Project Advisor: Dr. Erik Wibbels (Political Science)

Starlyn Okada

Project Title: Transcriptional and Translational Regulation of the Foamy Virus Pol Protein
Project Advisor: Dr. Maxine Linial (Microbiology)

Alexis Wheeler

Project Title: Analysis of the Politics of Life and Death in South Africa: The Role of Race and Class in Perceptions of the Death Penalty
Project Advisor: Dr. Lynn Thomas (History)