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2005-2006 Boeing/OMA Scholars

2005-2006 Scholars

Mei Liu

Project Title: High-Resolution Sorting of Cells with Different Shapes Using Opto-Plasmonic Tweezers
Project Advisor: Dr. Lih Y. Lin (Electrical Engineering)

Yanni (Jean) Wu

Project Title: Robotic Imitation of Human Postures from Camera Images
Project Advisor: Dr. Rajesh P.N. Rao (Computer Science and Engineering)

Joshua Proctor

Project Title: Averaged Model of Nonlinear Mode-Coupling
Project Advisor: Dr. Nathan Kutz (Applied Mathematics)

Tess Lang

Project Title: Effects of Paravertebral Repetitive Magnetic Stimulation onto Motor Cortical Excitability in Healthy Subjects
Project Advisor: Dr. Farrel Ric Robinson (Biological Structure)