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2005-2006 Presidential Scholars

2005-2006 Scholars

Nichelle Alderson

Project Title: The Transformation and Effects of Urban Social Control
Project Advisor: Dr. Katherine Beckett (Law, Society and Justice)

Jacqueine Echols

Project Title: Homeless Youth: Exploring Connections Between Foster Care and Homelessness Through a Comparison of System Youth and Non-System Youth in a Homeless Population
Project Advisor: Dr. Ana Mari Cauce (Psychology)

Nathan Chin

Project Title: Increasing the Efficiency of Chemotherapy for Brain Tumors
Project Advisor: Dr. Pierre D. Mourad (Neurosurgery & Applied Physics Laboratory)

Haley Morris

Project Title: Occurrence of Gene Flow Within the Wild Polymorphic Capiscum Chacoense Populations of Bolivia
Project Advisor: Dr. Joshua J. Tewksbury (Biology)

Maiensy Sanchez

Project Title: In Search of a Historical Anthropology: Cuban Filmmaking and the Production of Meaning
Project Advisor: Dr. Rachel Chapman (Anthropology)