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2006-2007 Presidential Scholars

2006-2007 Scholarship

EIP is proud to announce the award of the 2006-2007 Presidential Scholarships! Each Scholar will work under the supervision of a faculty mentor on an original year-long research project. They will deliver a formal presentation of their research project at the EIP/McNair Annual Spring Research Conference in May, 2007.

Martin Acevedo

Project Title: Mindfulness Training as a Clinical Intervention and Prophylaxis in College Student Self-Esteem, Self-Efficacy, and High Risk Behaviors
Project Advisor: Dr. G. Alan Marlatt (Psychology)

Grace Cochon

Project Title: Monkeys and Mirrors: Self-Recognition Among Captive and Wild Macaques
Project Advisor: Dr. Randall Kyes (Psychology)

Shantel Martinez

Project Title: The Children are the Future: Examining the Integrated Education Movement in Northern Ireland
Project Advisor: Dr. Ed Taylor (Educational Leadership & Policy Studies)

Shaun Scott

Project Title: The Infamous: Karl Marx's Life and Legacy
Project Advisor: Dr. John Toews (History)

Harkirat Sohi

Project Title: Utilization of Bacterial Homologous Recombination to Create Deletions in the Human MAPT Gene for Identification of its Regulatory Elements
Project Advisor: Dr. Parvoneh Poorkaj-Navas (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences; Medicine, Division of Medical Genetics)

Joseph Sunga

Project Title: Understanding the Concentration of Filipino Entrepreneurs Within the Healthcare and Social Assistance Industry
Project Advisor: Dr. Michael Verchot (Business)