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1999-2000 Presidential Scholars

1999-2000 Scholars

Mahru An

Project Title: High Density cDNA Microarray of Cellular Gene Expression Changes During Influenza Infections
Project Advisor: Dr. Michael G. Katze (Microbiology)

April Brazzle

Project Title: Identity Transformation in Transracially Adopted Individuals: An Analysis on Retaining Ethnic Roots
Project Advisor: Dr. Joseph Scott (Sociology and American Ethnic Studies)

Rena Elkins

Project Title: The Relationship of Childhood Abuse and Perceived Childhood Abuse to the Severity of Substance Abuse Among Dually Diagnosed Individuals
Project Advisor: Dr. Katherine Comtois (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)

Nora Vasquez

Project Title: Reliability of Squamous Regeneration Assessments in Barrett's Esophagus
Project Advisor: Dr. Brian J. Reid (Medicine and Genetics)