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Alene Moris
National Education for Women's Leadership

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student with an interest in becoming a leader in your community?

Are you committed to bringing better representation for women in all fields?

Apply for the 2015 Alene Moris National Education for Women's Leaders Institute.

The Alene Moris National Education for Women's (NEW) Leadership Institute is part of a national program started by Rutgers University in 1991. This program is designed to encourage women to seek out leadership positions and engage more with the civic community. Women are over 50 percent of the American population and yet they are underrepresented in leadership positions in virtually every field. The Alene Moris NEW Leadership Institute is working to change that.

The Institute lasts for 6 days, from June 22nd-June 27th, 2015. During that time, participants will meet some of Washington's leading women who can offer insight into their experiences and provide important training and networking skills. Some topics that are covered during the Institute:

  • How to run for political office
  • Public speaking
  • Negotiation
  • Working in the non-profit field
  • Managing diversity in the workplace
  • Networking

All undergraduates and graduates attending any 2 or 4-year Washington State college or Washington residents attending an out-of-state school are eligible to apply. The cost of the program is $150 and a limited number of partial scholarships are available. You do not have to be a Political Science major; anyone with an interest in improving their leadership skills and joining a network of influential women is encouraged to apply.

 Deadline for applications is April 3, 2015

Applications can be found here.

Click here to Recommend a candidate for the Institute.

Public Health – Seattle & King County Emergency Preparedness - Volunteer Opportunity

In an effort to ensure equal access to emergency information and services, Public Health - Seattle & King County is working to increase the language capacity and diversity among  Public Health Reserve Corps volunteers. 

As you may know, approximately 11% of King County residents speak English “not well” and 3% don’t speak English at all.  As leaders, you are in a unique position to help your community.  By joining the PHRC, you will be working with us to assure equity - before, during and after an emergency. 

What is the Public Health Reserve Corps?  The PHRC is a community-based group of local medical and non-medical personnel who serve as volunteers during a public emergency.  Volunteers also work in the community during non-disaster times, providing outreach to the underserved, supporting Healthcare for the Homeless, attending community events and supporting Red Cross shelters.

Why join?  Volunteering during an emergency can save lives!

How much time is required to volunteer?  The minimum time required to become a volunteer is approximately 8 hours (including orientation and online trainings.) After becoming an active volunteer, the Public Health Reserve Corps is an opt-in experience - meaning that volunteers are able to choose their level of involvement and there is no obligation to be deployed.

Please consider joining the Reserve Corps today and help respond to public health emergencies or disasters!  To learn more about how you can make a difference in your community, please visit http://www.kingcounty.gov/healthservices/health/preparedness/phreservecorps.aspx.

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