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University of Washington Early Identification Program

EIP Mission

A thriving economic and social future requires a commitment to making advanced educational opportunities available to all individuals, especially those facing obstacles in our educational system. In response to that need, the University of Washington's Early Identification Program for Graduate and Professional Studies encourages and assists undergraduates from educationally and economically disadvantaged backgrounds to enter graduate school.

Our goal is to promote diversity in academia and the professions, which will enrich research and policy programs and ultimately represent the entire spectrum of American people.

We offer a variety of services and resources designed to enable EIP students to enhance their undergraduate experience, explore various career options at the graduate level, and prepare for successful admission to and completion of graduate or professional school. We emphasize undergraduate research opportunities, which will benefit students regardless of which graduate or professional path they choose to pursue.

Affiliating with EIP

You should have an overall GPA of 2.8 (sophomores), 3.0 (juniors), or 3.2 (seniors) if you are interested in affiliating. If your GPA is below this cutoff and you are interested in graduate school, speak with an advisor about your options and how best to prepare for the application process.

To affiliate with EIP, make an appointment with an EIP Graduate Advisor. Although you may drop in any time, we encourage you to make an appointment to ensure that an advisor is available. Your initial meeting should take between half an hour to an hour.

Affiliating with EIP does not obligate you to use our services or resources. However, since our program is geared toward making you a competitive graduate school applicant, we urge you to meet with us regularly and attend our events as often as you can. In addition, visiting us frequently will place you at an advantage for any funding opportunities we have to offer or become aware of (such as the EIP Presidential Scholarship; see below for information).

EIP Services and Resources

Once you have affiliated with EIP, our graduate advisors will encourage and assist you with every facet of the graduate school application process.

Academic Advising

Advisors help students match current academic progress with future educational and career goals.

Workshops and Informational Seminars on:

  • Graduate School Applications
  • Writing Statements of Purpose
  • Resumes/Curriculum Vitae(s)
  • Requesting Letters of Recommendation
  • Culture of Graduate School
  • Culture of the Academy
  • GRE Prep Session (during Summer)

Resource Room

The Resource Room, located at 375 Schmitz Hall, includes:
  • A library with books on:
    Graduate Schools
    GRE preparation and information
    Writing personal statements for graduate school or scholarship applications
    Resume writing
    Style and grammar manuals
  • A PC and Mac computer with the following software:
    Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, Publisher,and PowerPoint
    Internet browsers
    Pine email program
    GRE test preparation software

Annual Spring Research Conference

The EIP/McNair Annual Spring Research Conference provides UW EIP and McNair Scholars, as well as McNair Scholars from around United States, a venue to present the research they have conducted during the past summer or year. Presidential Scholars deliver oral presentations of their year-long research projects. All other scholars have the opportunity to showcase their research in our poster presentation sessions.

Presidential Scholarship

APPLICATION DEADLINE: June 30, 2010 (Tentative)

Each year, EIP awards a few outstanding EIP students with the Presidential Scholarship. Students who receive the award conduct a year-long research project under the supervision of a UW faculty member. At the end of the year, Presidential Scholars present their research at the EIP/McNair/GO-MAP Annual Spring Research Conference as well as at the UW Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Presidential Scholarship information

Current Presidential Scholars

Past Presidential Scholars:

2008-2009 Presidential Scholars

2007-2008 Presidential Scholars
2006-2007 Presidential Scholars

2005-2006 Presidential Scholars
2004-2005 Presidential Scholars
2003-2004 Presidential Scholars
2002-2003 Presidential Scholars
2001-2002 Presidential Scholars
2000-2001 Presidential Scholars
1999-2000 Presidential Scholars

Boeing/OMA Research Scholarship

APPLICATION DEADLINE: June 30, 2010 (Tentative)

The Boeing/OMA Research Scholarship is intended to support students who are in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), have an interest in research, and possess graduate degree goals. Students who receive the award conduct a year-long research project under the supervision of a UW faculty member. At the end of the year, Boeing/OMA Scholars present their research at the EIP/McNair/GO-MAP Annual Spring Research Conference as well as at the UW Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Boeing/OMA Scholarship information

Current Boeing/OMA Scholars

Past Boeing/OMA Scholars:

2008-2009 Boeing/OMA Scholars

2007-2008 Boeing/OMA Scholars
2006-2007 Boeing/OMA Scholars

2005-2006 Boeing/OMA Scholars
2004-2005 Boeing/OMA Scholars

General Studies 391B Seminar: Different Ways of Knowing

The General Studies 391B is a year-long, variable-credit, pass/fail General Studies course for sophomores and juniors (sometimes freshman)designed to introduce students to graduate school options, undergraduate resources around UW campus, and the research endeavor. Students spend one quarter learning about graduate school and hearing from representatives around campus, and two quarters conducting a small research project. In May, students present their research as a poster at our EIP/McNair Annual Spring Research Conference.

Course description

Recommended Reading

The EIP/McNair program has compiled a reading list aimed towards our students who are thinking about pursuing a graduate education. We have created this reading list for students from all backgrounds, but particularly for those we aim to serve, to assist them as they reach onward and upward in their pursuit of higher education. A very special thank you and note of sincere appreciation are extended to the members of the University of Washington Special Committee on Minority Faculty Affairs for their thoughtful contributions to this work.