Early Identification Program


General Studies 391B Seminar: Different Ways of Knowing

The General Studies 391B is a year-long, variable-credit, pass/failGeneral Studies course for sophomores and juniors (sometimes freshman)designed to introduce students to graduate school options, undergraduate resources around UW campus, and the research endeavor. Students spend one quarter learning about graduate school and hearing from representatives around campus, and two quarters conducting a small research project. In May, students present their research as a poster at our EIP/McNair Annual Spring Research Conference.Course description

Recommended Reading

The EIP/McNair program has compiled a reading list aimed towards our students who are thinking about pursuing a graduate education. We have created this reading list for students from all backgrounds, but particularly for those we aim to serve, to assist them as they reach onward and upward in their pursuit of higher education. A very special thank you and note of sincere appreciation are extended to the members of the University of Washington Special Committee on Minority Faculty Affairs for their thoughtful contributions to this work.