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An opportunity from Meade Krosby, in UW's Climate Impacts Group:

I'm putting together a Green Seed Fund proposal (https://green.uw.edu/green-seed-proposals) to take the Ecological Footprint Challenge I've been running for my Conservation Biology class (Biol476) and expand it into a UW-wide month-long competition to track and reduce carbon footprints across campus.  The goal is to reduce carbon (and perhaps other) footprints in both the short term (i.e., the month-long challenge period) and long term (i.e., permanently change behavior to reduce consumption).  I'm imagining a Ride-in-the-Rain type competition, with an online footprint tracking tool, teams (small groups, or even faculty vs students, dorm vs dorm, etc), and prizes for things like smallest overall footprint, greatest reduction over the challenge period, etc.

I am looking for an undergraduate student who is passionate about sustainability to join our project team. If funded, we would have a year to research and design an effective footprint challenge for the UW community. The student would be a valued member of the project team, and the level of their involvement would be up to them (from advisory to active research and/or outreach).  This is a great opportunity to make a lasting impact on UW's collective carbon footprint, and to gain experience in sustainability research and outreach.  The proposal is due Dec 11, so please get in touch asap!

Find conact info here: http://cses.washington.edu/cig/contact/contact.shtml

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