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Research is becoming an increasingly important dimension of graduate school preparation. As an undergraduate, you can become involved in the research endeavor in various ways. You may conduct a research project, either here at UW or at another institution, during the summer or over the academic year. You can also receive funding to do research. Some labs offer work-study positions to students. Also, programs around campus, throughout the Seattle area, and across the country offer research scholarships. You should speak with an EIP Graduate Advisor to find out more about these opportunities. Here is a guide for all the details of making a good poster, what to do at a conference, and how to prepare a talk.


Undergraduate Research Program (URP)
The University of Washington URP maintains an ongoing list of undergraduate research opportunities, listed by department. You should check their web site often for updated information. In addition, you should be in contact with your undergraduate advisor and professors about research opportunities in your department.


EIP Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The EIP Undergraduate Research Opportunities web page provides a comprehensive list of summer research opportunities, both here at UW as well as at other universities. Institutions throughout the U.S. sponsor 8-10 week structured research programs. These programs invite undergraduates from around the country to apply for a position in the program. Summer research programs often include generous stipends, presentation opportunities, and GRE preparation courses. While many programs are targeted to science and engineering majors, there are programs at various institutions for all majors. Application deadlines for summer research programs fall in January or February of that year. Each January, EIP hosts a “Summer Research Programs” workshop, in which we explain the importance of such opportunities and help you through the application process. Also, our Graduate Advisors spend individual time with you working on polishing your applications. Summer research programs are a wonderful way of spending time in another part of the country, visiting graduate schools, and getting paid to do research.

Mary Gates Research Scholarship

Mary Gates Research Scholarships are competitive scholarships intended to enhance the educational experiences of undergraduate students at the University of Washington while they are engaged in research guided by faculty.

Students receive research scholarships to pursue research in a variety of disciplines. To learn more about research in the social sciences, arts, and humanities.


Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships & Awards The Undergraduate Scholarship Office

(http://www.washington.edu/students/ugrad/scholar/) helps UW undergraduates find, apply for, and win scholarships. They have a large and continuously updated database of merit-based scholarships for undergraduates, and they offer workshops every quarter to help you through the often daunting process of locating appropriate scholarships for yourself. They also help outstanding undergraduates compete for large, national scholarships that require nomination.


University of Washington Honors Program

We also encourage students to become involved with the University of Washington Honors Program (http://depts.washington.edu/uwhonors).

Students can participate in either College Honors (a full, four-year program combining Honors core and Honors courses in the major) or in Departmental Honors(advanced Honors courses in the major department only). College Honors students satisfy the Areas of Knowledge requirements as they complete their Honors core curriculum. Students will commonly enter Departmental Honors after two years of college work, normally at the time they declare their major.