enABLING Teachers -- Activity #2 -- Using video clips in your class

Demonstrating Uncommon AAC Techniques:

Suggestions for Educators:

When you are teaching, you might want to demonstrate specific AAC techniques that are difficult to describe. For example, you could demonstrate the following:

  • Morse Code
  • Eyegaze to letters or single words
  • Communication notebook
  • Partner assisted scanning

How to find these clips:

We recommend that you first go to the following page: Searching the enABLES Video Archive
There you will find some overall instructions about the video search engine.

To conduct the video search itself, you will need to go to this page: AT/AAC enABLES Video Archive Search Page

Find the section of the search page that looks something like this:

AT/AAC Strategy:

empty box here

Click on the black triangle in the small box to the right to open the drop down menu listing all the AAC strategies that are currently available. Select the desired strategy, for example those shown in italics in the examples above, then click on "Go".

All video clips that demonstrate that strategy will appear as thumbnails on the next screen. You will usually see two versions: “.wmv” for Windows Media Player clips and “.mov” for Quick Time/MacIntosh clips. Click on the thumbnail once to show the video clip.