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Summary of enABLING You Activities

For AAC Educators:

Activity 1: Dispel students' misconceptions about AAC

Activity 2: Demonstrate uncommon AAC devices & techniques

Activity 3: Reduce the emphasis on "needs & wants" in AAC

Activity 4: Encourage a "multi-modality" perspective in students

Activity 5: Promote technology as a MEANS rather than an END

Activity 6: Promote literacy assessment & instruction among SLPs

Activity 7: Teach about device FEATURES instead of devices

Activity 8: Teach about CUSTOMIZED vocabulary selection

Activity 9: Have students read the words of AAC users    

For Teams:

Team Sharing Idea #1: Show the value of low-tech strategies

Team Sharing Idea #2: Inspire individuals towards independence

Team Sharing Idea #3: Demonstrate particular devices or techniques

Team Sharing Idea #4: Maintain high academic expectations

Team Sharing Idea #5: Consider device FEATURES not just devices

Team Sharing Idea #6: Introduce a bilingual AAC user    

For enhancing resources:

Strategy 1: Demonstrate AAC devices  

Strategy 2: Demonstrate long-term success in AAC

Strategy 3: Introduce AAC users who are employed