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enABLING Teams: Professionals, families, consumers

Whether you are a professional, a family member or a consumer, you may want to use enABLES to start a dialogue about AAC. Consider these ideas.

Team Sharing Idea #1: Show the value of low-tech strategies
     Show video clips of effective low-tech strategies

Team Sharing Idea #2: Inspire individuals towards independence
     Read about individuals leading independent lives

Team Sharing Idea #3: Demonstrate particular devices or techniques
     View video of various AAC techniques

Team Sharing Idea #4: Maintain high academic expectations
     Read about people who have excelled academically

Team Sharing Idea #5: Consider device FEATURES not just devices
     Features of AAC devices can help during decision-making New!

Team Sharing Idea #6: Introduce a bilingual AAC user
     Adrienne uses AAC in both English and Spanish New!