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After 7 wonderful years of creating AAC enABLES it is time for a break. The website will freeze as it is for the forseeable future. If you have sent me any small updates, I will try to complete them soon, but I am no longer accepting video or stories on AAC users.


NEW in 2007!

1. Kristin Rytter receives Ph.D.

Updated in 2006-2007

1. Access Methods in AAC
2. Profile of Ahror Rahmedov
3. Eloquent Voices in AT/AAC
4. Publications by AAC Users
5. Classic Publications in AAC
6. Myths about Intervention
7. Myths about Strategies
8. New activities for AAC Teachers

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Dispelling Myths

There are so many misunderstandings about Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and Assistive Technology (AT). We tackle those myths head on by presenting stories, images and videos about real people who rely on these alternative technologies.

Profiles of People using AT & AAC

Stories, photos, and video clips about people who use AAC or AT, demonstrating that technology is a means to an end, enABLING individuals to participate in life.

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Eloquent Voices in AAC

Remarkable words, teachings and messages from people who rely on Assistive Technology and/or Augmentative Communication.


Books, short stories, collections of essays by or about individuals who rely on alternative communication. Check out the new and recent AAC Publications page as well as the Classic AAC Publications page for some amazing and enlightening stories about people who use AAC.

enABLING You: Activities for Teachers & Teams

Helpful hints on how to use this site as an educator, clinician, family member or consumer. Also, Read the comments of previous visitors to see how they are using the website.

AAC Video Museum

Ever wonder what AAC looked like in the past? Check out our video museum, an ever-growing resource. Don't be fooled into believing that these techniques are no longer useful. Many of the low tech strategies in particular are still used by many people.

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