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Promoting the Facts - about INTERVENTION

Have you heard these myths about intervention???? Don't believe everything you hear!!

About infants and toddlers:
Infants and toddlers are not old enough for AAC intervention (?)
AAC intervention should not begin until pre-requisites are met (?)

About individuals with autism:
All individuals with autism should start with picture exchange (?)
Supportive parents use the same strategies at home (?)

About how decisions are made:
All individuals with cerebral palsy need to use voice output (?)
If someone has high tech, they should use it (?)

You have already seen how diverse people who use AAC are. That diversity translates into a wide variety of solutions for communication. Intervention should focus on those solutions, not specific strategies.

New modes of communication take time and practice to master NEW!!

Take a look at the complexity of some strategies! Consider these facts and opinions the next time you set a communication system in front of an AAC user.

Toddlers and pre-schoolers can benefit from AAC intervention

Take a look at some intervention with very young children who may not have met formal "pre-requisite" rules years ago. Watch how delighted they are by their ability to communicate and to control the adults in their lives! This is just the beginning for these children.

Individuals with autism may benefit from multiple strategies

Note how one young man with autism uses signs and body language with his most familiar partners, a communication notebook for less familiar partners and a communication device in the community.

Decisions about technology (or other solutions) are highly individual

There are many, many reasons why decisions cannot be made for an individual on the basis of his/her diagnosis, availability of equipment, professional's opinions, etc. Take a look at the diversity of solutions that could not be predicted by any simple formula.