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Personal goals are diverse too

Johana wanted to study Irish literature in Dublin:

Johana Schwartz has written eloquently about the challenges and rewards of a summer abroad in Dublin as part of her program at New York University, NYU. Her essay "Irish Literature in Dublin: Disability Does Not Prevent Study Abroad" won first place in the 2002 Student Writer's Contest and is published online by Transitions Abroad Magazine.

In addition to describing the Irish literature that drew her to Dubln, Johana provides details on the ways in which NYU worked with her to meet her disability-related needs, even abroad. These included assisting her with housing, special arrangements for exams and a note-taker for lectures.

Adrienne is looking forward to independence and running her own business:

Adrienne uses a headwand to run her communication device

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Sharon wants a community of family and friends around her:

Sharon & Alan are shown crossing a city street in thrir power wheelchairs.

AT Note: The technology in this clip is dated; this individual now has newer equipment.

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One of Andrew's dreams was to toss the first baseball at a Marriner's game with his dog, Murray. He was able to do this as part of a fund-raiser for Canine Companions:

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These are just a sampling of the stories that show the diversity of people who use AAC. Come back to find more stories as this web site grows.