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Creative writing in another purpose for AAC

Composing Poetry
Carin Westerlund wrote a lovely poem in Swedish about communicating with her eyes. She eloquently raises the question about who really has a speech disorder when communication is difficult? The translation is below. This poem comes from Beneath the Surface.

Speech Disorder

By Carin Westerlund

Political Protest
Norm Rogers was inspired to write a poem about political events in early 2003. You will see beautiful writing as well as political passion.

So We Have a Problem in Iraq
By Norm Rogers

Writing with Word Prediction
A young girl is learning to write with adapted computer access. Word prediction software is used to enhance her speed.

A child using an enlarged keyboard for writing and communicating

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These are just a sampling of examples that show the diversity of possible purposes for AAC. Come back to find more examples as this web site grows.