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Diverse strategies for keyboard access for individuals with visual impairment

Diversity is the rule among individuals who use AT, so two people with the same impairment or functional limitation may use very different AT solutions. Individuals with severe visual impairments, for example, may use any of the following methods to access a computer:


The BAT keyboard has four white buttons to the left and three color coded (red, white, blue) buttons on the right side.

The BAT Chording Keyboard]
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Intellikeyboard shown with 4 overlays

[Intellikeys Expanded Keyboard]
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Naturally Speaking logo showing a woman with a headset and mic

[Dragon Naturally Speaking Speech Recognition Software]
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Keyboard key covers with large print letters



[Large Braille Key Caps for Standard Keyboard]
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So, the impairment does NOT determine the AT solution for an individual.