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Quick Profile: Sharon Price

My name is Sharon Price and I live and work in Corvallis, Oregon. I've had cerebral palsy since birth., but I still lead a (somewhat) normal life.

I am a published writer. My writings include:

For the past twenty-eight years I have lived entirely on my own. My life has its challenges, of course, but I have ways of coping.

For some reason I always have hated using a wheelchair, so I have many other modes of transportation:

  • My scooter, "Hotrod" - my main mode of transportation (I've already worn out three of them!)
  • My walker - I use it when I go somewhere with someone in a car
  • When I am at home I crawl around on my hands and knees

Speaking has always been a hassle. Few people can understand me. I only use the phone to call close friends and family. If I need to do business, I have someone call for me.

I tried one communication device but had limited success with it. It kept breaking down and I kept having to send it back to the manufacturer to get it fixed.

Email has been a God-send for me. It's been the best way for me to communicate with:

  • My friends
  • My family
  • And most of all, my doctors

I bring a typed note with me when I go somewhere and I know no one will understand me. My favorite saying is “Never mind.” Most people understand that.

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