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We use stories, photos, and video clips about people around the world who use AAC or AT, whether high-tech, low-tech or no technology at all. These stories or "vignettes" demonstrate that technology is not the goal of intervention but a means to an end, enABLING individuals to participate in life, from the routine to the spectacular.

Profiles are listed below, with the latest at the top. If you cannot find what you are looking for, use the Google Search tool to the left to search this site.

Ahror Rahmedov: Ahror was born and raised in Uzbekistan, but came to the United States after suffering massive facial injuries in an accident. He has just graduated from the University of Washington and is now pursuing graduate work at UCLA. Ahror has recently published his autobiography.

Asako Matsumoto: Asako had a brainstem injury at the age of 13, but since then she has been a published author, technology consultant and a public speaker. Read more about her life and work in Japan.

Bud Wardlaw: Bud tells his unique story in his own words, stressing the importance of humor in connecting with the people he meets.

Get to Know Other AAC Users: We introduce you to several AAC users who have been in the news or on the Internet recently. Although these are not complete profiles, the stories and links will be of interest to you.

AAC Manufacturer's Profiles: Three of the leading manufacturers have web pages with stories about interesting people who use their equipment. While we are not endorsing any particular products, these pages do introduce you to more active and engaged people who use AAC.

Technology on this site:

Don’t expect to see only the latest AT devices. The focus here is on people and their stories.

A note is posted near the clip if we know the individual has new AT.

Kristin Rytter: Kristin recently completed her Ph.D. at the University of Washington in Seattle. Kristin has been a research associate and staff member at Post-ITT, a web-based project providing guidance to high school students with disabilities towards independent self-advocacy. She now runs her own company, Sage Within Us.

Heidi Janz: Heidi is writer/playwright has recently completed her Ph.D. in English at the Universite of Alberta. Through her compelling plays, she is able to edcuate others about some of the many experiences of physically disabled young people.

Snoopi: With a considerable amount of talent, ingenuity and patience, Snoopi has created beautiful music with his AAC devices for the past 16 years.

Rick Hohn: As an artist, a minister, a writer and consultant, Rick accomplishes what he sets out to do. He can indeed do "everything besides make watches."

Steve Mallory: As President and CEO of the Stroke Network, Steve is supporting fellow stroke survivors despite his own personal challenges. As Steve writes "...there IS life after ...a stroke."

Sharon Price: In this profile, Sharon Price is a writer who talks about how she has not let having cerebral palsy stop her from leading "a (somewhat) normal life."

Jeff Grace: Even though his schedule is quite hectic Jeff says he loves his jobs as both a consumer advocate and student mentor for people with disabilities, "because I make a difference!"

Norm Rogers: Norm is a student of Shoreline Community College in Seattle, WA. He is interested in writing and politics. His profile is incomplete at this time, but check out his poem about current events: "So We Have a Problem in Iraq".

Stan Basart: Stan is able to stay in touch with family across the country, despite the losses from ALS.

David Chapple: When people underestimate his abilities and his potential, David enjoys showing them what he can do.

Hank: After a severe stroke, Hank took up drawing and has found that "Life goes on...and brings new things." See his beautiful drawings.

Steve Harper: Steve's work as a computer applications specialist doesn't prevent him from also being a major sports fan.

Alan King: Alan is an artist, but he also designs innovative solutions to accessibility problems for himself and his wife, Sharon King.

David "Scott" Palm: Scott is an experienced public speaker and advocate for AAC users in Washington State.

Sharon King: An artist with her husband, Alan King, Sharon still finds time to participate in many local, regional and national projects for people with disabilities.

We are seeking new stories about people using AT or AAC to participate in life.

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