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Classic publications about/by people who use AAC:

I Raise My Eyes to Say Yes

Cover of the book I Raise My Eyes to Say Yes

I Raise My Eyes to Say Yes by Ruth Sienkiewicz-Mercer and Steven B. Kaplan.

Ms. Sienkiewicz-Mercer was born in the 1950's and paralyzed at a very young age by disease. She was institutionalized for many years, unable to communicate. This is her story as told through eye-gaze communication to her friend and interpreter, Steven B. Kaplan. This book is available through Amazon.



Nobody Nowhere

Cover of the book Nobody Nowhere


Nobody Nowhere by Donna Williams

This book has been described as an international bestseller, published in 20 languages throughout the world. Nobody Nowhere is a gripping, surreal and ultimately uplifting book. Life, 'normality' and 'reality' will not be the same after you read this book. This book is available through Amazon as well as through Donna Williams own Web site





Cover of the book Skallagrigg

Skallagrigg by William Horwood.

A compelling story about a young girl with severe cerebral palsy who collaborates with a computer programmer to write a wildly popular computer game while solving a mystery about a young man named Arthur. One of the many fascinating aspects of this story is that it was written in 1987, before so much of the technology that we now take for granted. Nonetheless, it foretells the power of computers, e-mail and the Internet for individuals with severe disabilities. This book is out-of-print in the United States, but available in England.