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Dispelling Myths about AT and AAC

      [Dispelling Myths in AAC]
            [Promoting the Facts about PEOPLE who use AAC]
                  [Many join the working world]
                  [Some people are artistic]
                  [Many are living and participating in the community]
            [Promoting the Facts about AAC STRATEGIES]
                  [Strategies evolve over time]
                  [Low tech strategies are as important as high tech devices]
                  [Multi-modal strategies are essential]
            [Promoting the Facts about the PURPOSE of AAC]
            [Promoting OTHER Facts about AAC]

      [Dispelling Myths in AT]
            [Promoting the Facts about PEOPLE who use AT]
                  [AT solutions facilitate participation in life's activities]
                  [AT can increase independence in life]
                  [AT solutions are all about creative problem-solving]
            [Promoting the Facts about AT STRATEGIES and TOOLS]
                  [AT need not be complex to be valuable]
                  [AT does not replace personal assistants]
                  [Solutions are not determined by impairment]
                  [AT solutions can improve life for everyone]

      [Help us dispel myths]]

  Profiles of People Using AT and AAC

      [Profiles in AT / AAC]
            [Ahror Rahmedov
            [Alan King
            [Asako in Japan
            [Bud Wardlaw
            [David Chapple
David "Scott" Palm
           Jeff Grace
            [Kristin Rytter
            [Heidi Janz
            [Norm Rogers
            [Rick Hohn
            [Sharon King
            [Sharon Price
            [Stan Basart
            [Steve Harper
            [Steve Mallory

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