Video Description to Sharon & Alan "Living Independently"

[Piano music]

Two men and a woman are seen chatting on the sidewalk in an urban neighborhood. One man is standing while the other man and the woman are seated in wheelchairs.

Narrator: “Seven years ago, Sharon and Alan King put institutional life behind them to pursue a dream…to live in a house and be able to interact with other people as part of a community. Born with cerebral palsy, they had spent most of their lives in sheltered and restrictive settings.”

Image changes to a still photo of a wedding with the bride and groom seating in wheelchairs and about to kiss.

“They married while living at Seattle’s United Cerebral Palsy Residential Center and celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary this year.”

Image changes to a hand using a computer keyboard, then a list on the wall.

“Technology, other support systems, and the will of Sharon and Alan themselves have played major roles in making living with a disability in the community possible.”

Image changes to two individuals navigating power wheelchairs through a curb cut to cross a city street.


Image shifts back to original scene of the three people talking on an urban sidewalk.

Sharon [Synthesized speech]: “I feel like I am living in my dream because I have wanted a house and a community that supports me and I feel I have got it right now.”

Narrator: “Nevertheless, living their dream is often difficult for Sharon and Alan because the concepts of disability and ability in America are still evolving.”