Video Description & Transcript:
  Ashley Choosing Books via Eye-Gaze

[Title] Ashley: Choosing Books via Eye-Gaze
Introduction: Ashley uses eye-gaze for yes/no, looking to her right for “no” and her left for “yes”.

A girl is sitting in a wheelchair in her school library. A classmate is helping her choose books by using yes and no questions while the girl answers with her eye-gaze. The girl looks to her right for ‘no’ and to her left for ‘yes.’

With each book, the classmate asks the girl if she wants it while holding out her hands for yes and no eye-gaze options.

Girl [holding up her left hand for “no” and her right hand for “yes”]: “You want The Three Little Pigs?”
[Background noise]
Girl: “How the Rabbit Stole Fire?”
Girl: “um…No” [repeating Ashley’s answer]
Girl: “Beauty and the Beast?
Girl: “Yeah” [laughter from a boy]
Girl: “Robin Hood?”
Girl: “Yes or no…Yes, I mean, yes…no.” [emphasizing her hand positions for the possible answers]
Girl: “Yes” [repeating Ashley’s answer]
[Background noise]
Girl: “Fairy Tales and Fables?”
Girl: “Yes”

Once she’s chosen a couple books, another classmate agrees to help her check them out.

Girl to boy: “Can you go check these out with her?”

Boy: “Okay”