Video Description & Transcript:

A woman is shown seated in a wheelchair, using a communication device.

Sharon [synthesized speech from device]: “Will you please make out a deposit slip, Kelly?”

[Sound of traffic]
A man and woman in power wheelchairs are shown waiting outside a bank for someone to let them in. An employee opens the door for them.

Narrator: “Despite the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, many businesses have not yet made their premises easily accessible.”

[Sound of traffic and a radio in the background]

Bank employee to Alan and Sharon: “How are ya?”

Narrator: “An alert bank employee sees Alan and Sharon and lets them in. As the teller takes the withdrawal slip, Sharon programs the next message on her communicator.”

[Background noise in bank]

Sharon [synthesized speech]: “Alan gets the 40 dollars.”

Narrator: “This time it’s not as intelligible.”

Sharon [synthesized speech]: “Alan gets the 40 dollars.”

Teller: “Okay”

Narrator: “A replay and a look at the display and the teller’s got it.”

The bank employee puts the money in the man’s wallet.

[Background noise, sound of Velcro opening on Alan's bag]

Alan: “I’m fine”

Teller: “Good”

Narrator: “Alan always enjoys talking to people.”

The man and woman exit the bank as the employee holds the door open.
[Sound of traffic outside]

Teller: “See you later.”