Video Description & Transcript:
  Using a Braillemate

Title: [Using a Braillemate]

A man is walking down his work office hallway, with a Braillemate in his hand. He is later shown using it at his desk.

[The featured man is speaking]: “I use a Braillemate in two major ways. One is really as a notepad. It’s my thinking tool; it’s like jotting and doddling for a seeing person. And the wonderful thing is that all those jots and doodles that I do on the Braillemate are electronic, and directable, so that I can send it to other computers and sighted people can read it. The device is in my hand, oh, three or four hours a day at work and at home, too, if it comes to that, because it has everything in it from cooking recipes to my son’s spelling list.”

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