Video Description & Transcript:

On the sidewalk next to a church are two people in wheelchairs.

Narrator: “Each Sunday, Sharon and Alan attend Faith Lutheran Church.”

Pastor Nancy Winder (Faith Lutheran Church): “When I look out, the place looks more whole, to have them there. It just looks more complete. I think that that sense of wholeness and completion is felt throughout the congregation.”

Narrator: “Members of the congregation have removed pews and built ramps to make the church accessible.”
Inside the church, the man and woman in wheelchairs are seated at the front of the congregation. An altar boy walks to them to hand them communion.

Pastor: “Most of the other people come to the altar and kneel. But that’s not possible for Alan and Sharon. It’s also not possible for other folk in our community. So actually, Alan and Sharon’s presence has made us aware of that. And actually, some people in our community who are unable to walk well, or to kneel, or to climb stairs well, are real grateful for Alan and Sharon’s presence because it made us aware of their needs as well.”