Video Description & Transcript:
  Classroom Adaptations

Title: [Classroom Adaptations]

A teacher is sitting in front of four children at a large, round desk. One of them is a young boy.

Narrator: “ ‘H’ is a first grade student in an inclusive classroom. ‘H’ is blind. But with instructional adaptations, he is able to participate in all curriculum areas with his peers.”

‘H’ is shown using a Braille-writer in his classroom. It looks and works like a typewriter, except that it produces Braille text.

Narrator: “While other students complete their reading worksheets with a pencil, ‘H’ writes his answers on a Braille-writer.”

‘H’ and his classmates are wearing headphones while sitting in a circle on the floor around a tape player.

Narrator: “His reading book is Braille and he is able to listen to stories on tape with his peers.”

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