Video Description & Transcript:
  College Accomodations: Limb Deficiency

Caption: [College Accommodations: Limb Deficiency]

A young man is shown in his college dorm. He’s using his feet to open drawers and put clothes away.

Narrator: “Last year, for the first time, Greg lived on his own. He started classes at Seattle Pacific University, moving here from his parents’ home in Eastern Washington.”

Greg is shown in his classroom. His feet are writing and turning pages on top of a small desk.

Greg: “For classrooms, the only thing I need is I have a smaller desk that’s maybe a foot and a half off the ground, kind of slants at an angle; so I just sit in a normal chair and have that desk just on the floor, so that’s where I do my writing. That’s the only adaptation I need in the classroom.”

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Director: Sheryl Burgstahler, Ph.D.

This clip is from “Moving On: 2-4 Step”
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