Video Description & Transcript:
  Communicating with a Profound Hearing Loss

Caption: [Communicating with a Profound Hearing Loss]

Michael is facing the camera.

Michael: “Sensory impairments affect people in a variety of ways, depending on how well they’ve adjusted to their disability, how significant it is. For me, personally, with a significant, profound hearing loss, I have issues with communication.”

Michael is sitting in front of his office computer. Images shift between Michael looking at the computer screen, typing on a computer keyboard, and using a mouse.

Michael: “Hearing and talking on a regular phone is nearly impossible for me. However, the use of computers lately has really enhanced my communication abilities, especially with the use of e-mail. With e-mail, I’m able to communicate with anybody anywhere, anytime.”

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University of Washington
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Director: Sheryl Burgstahler, Ph.D.

This clip is from “Working Together: Computers and People with Sensory Impairments”
Copyrighted 2001]