Video Description & Transcript:
  Computer Access: Head Mouse

Caption: [Computer Access: Head Mouse]

Buddy is sitting in a large computer lab with other teens. He is seated in a power wheelchair with a headrest; his hands are stationary on two armrests. Buddy is using a head mouse by sipping and puffing on a stick, as well as moving his head from side to side.

Narrator: “People with good head control, but no use of their limbs can use a head-controlled pointing system.”

A close-up view shows an infrared detection box on a desk.

Narrator: “This system uses infrared detection and a transmitter or reflector worn on the user’s head.”

A close-up shows Buddy using the head pointer.

Narrator: “It translates head movements into pointer movement on the screen.”

Buddy’s back is to the camera and he’s facing his computer screen while using the headmouse. The computer monitor shows an on-screen keyboard, with the mouse pointer moving around the screen to activate various letters.

Narrator: “This can be combined with an on-screen keyboard for full computer control.”

Buddy is in a computer lab, facing the camera.

Buddy: “Well, The HeadMaster that I use, it just controls the mouse, the cursor on the keyboard, and the little thing that I blow into, that’s the button click.”

A close-up shows Buddy blowing into the head mouse wand.

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Director: Sheryl Burgstahler, Ph.D.

This clip is from “Working Together: Computers and People with Mobility Impairments”
Copyrighted 2000]