Video Description & Transcript:
  Using HeadMaster

Title: [Using HeadMaster]

A man is sitting at his desk and facing his computer screen. He’s wearing a headset with a white tube coming off of it.

[The man featured is speaking]: “Anything you can do with a regular mouse, I can do with the HeadMaster just by blowing into this tube, this white tube on my right. Let me give you an example.”

The computer screen displays the commands that the man is making by using HeadMaster. He opens up several windows, including an on-screen keyboard.

Featured man: “I just opened up my hard drive by blowing into the tube. I can open up programs the same way: ClarisWorks, the Wizard Organizer and PageMaker. So, you know that a great deal of the work we do deals with documentation and I would not be able to do it without the HeadMaster and these programs that are on here.”

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National Assistive Technology Research Institute (NATRI)

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University of Kentucky

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