Video Description & Transcript:
  Kristin: Spelling as a Young Girl

Caption: [Kristin: Spelling as a Young Girl]

The video is in black and white. A woman is sitting next to a young girl who is sitting in a wheelchair. She pulls out a large board with letters on it and places it in front of the girl while addressing the viewers.

Judy: “One thing that did work wonderfully for her was an alphabet board which fit on her wheelchair. At that time she had a standard wheelchair. Kris could use her eyes to look at the letters for spelling lessons.”

Kristin is looking at the letters on the board.

Judy: “Let’s show them how that works, Kris. It was on a different wheelchair and lower down. Can you spell a word for me? I just sit across from Kris so I can see back where she’s looking and to then help her stay symmetrical. Okay, I’ll get down like this.”

Judy moves directly in front of Kristin.

Judy: “Can you spell a word for me?”

The woman points at each letter while looking at Kristin. A response from Kristin indicates that she has chosen that letter. In one case, Kristin looks at the woman to let her know she made a mistake.

Kristin [looking at the board and signaling to the woman]: “…’b’…’a’…’b’…no, ‘ba’…’d’, bad.”

[laughter from Kristin]

Judy: “Okay. This is how Kris would use her eyes to spell.”