Video Description & Transcript:
  Kristin: Using a Word Board

Caption: [Kristin: Using a Word Board]

The video is in black and white. A woman is sitting next to a young girl who is sitting in a wheelchair.

Judy: “The biggest question people have is how does Kris do it. ‘How can she look and tell you?’”

As she speaks, the woman points to Kristin’s word board that is resting in front of her on her wheelchair.

Judy: “The person, the listener, will point to a category, usually starting to Kristen’s left and moving to the right; unless you can tell right away that she’s over here. She’ll indicate when you get to the right category, and then the listener moves down in the category and she’ll indicate when you hit the right word; and she lets you know by moving her head or her whole trunk, a lot of her body. And if you’re near it, but not quite on it, she might tell you with her eyes, can you show them?”

The woman motions points in all the directions as she asks Kristin to look.

Judy: “Go up, move up… move down… and go over to the, the different directions. Okay, so, would you like to think of a sentence, a short one?”

Kristin nods her head yes. Judy moves in front of her.

Judy: “Again, it’s better to be in front of her. Okay, did you think of one?”
While pointing at the word board, Judy reads aloud the categories and words chosen by Kristin (partly for the viewer’s knowledge).

Judy: “‘People word,’… ‘People word,’ ‘Names’… ‘Judy.’ ‘Helping word’… no, ‘letter’… okay, I’m going to start over here and you tell me when I’m in the right spot.”

Kristin moves her whole body to indicate that Judy is in the right spot.

Judy: “This is contractions… ‘Not’… [unintelligible, talking to Kris] ‘Doing word’… ‘s’… ‘t’… I’m moving down the words. ‘Thought’… ‘Judy thought’… ‘Pronouns?’… ‘I’… ‘Helping word’… ‘was’… ‘Judy thought I was’… ‘Phrase?’”

Kristin nods her head no.

Judy: “‘Preposition’… ‘Numbers’… ‘Judy thought I was’… this number?”

Kris nods her head yes.

Judy: “’12’… Right, I thought you were 12 and you had to tell me you were 11. Okay. So, this is how Kris indicates sentences.”