Video Description & Transcript:
  Speech Output to Enhance Reading

Title: [Speech Output to Enhance Reading]

Crystal is shown listening to speech output from a voice box as it reads to her. A close-up view of the voice box is shown.

Crystal: “I have a voice box that it will read it to me, so I understand what I’m reading.”

A computer monitor is shown. One sentence is highlighted in yellow, and as each word is read it is highlighted in green.

Computer [synthesized speech]: “Was Helen Keller the first deaf-blind person in the United States to be educated?”

Crystal talks while facing the camera.

Crystal: “And then when I have to, like, read books, I just scan those so they can read the books to me so I don’t have to spend two hours reading one page or something.”

[Used with permission from:

University of Washington
206-685-DOIT (Voice/TTY)
206-221-4171 (FAX)

Director: Sheryl Burgstahler, Ph.D.

This clip is from “Universal Access to Computing”
Copyrighted 2000]