Video Description & Transcript:
  Randy's Advocacy: Breaking Down Walls

Caption: [Breaking Down Walls]

Randy and his guide dog walk past a row of cubicles and enter his cubicle. Randy sits at his desk and gets ready for work.

Narrator: “For Randy, part of living a successful life is breaking down stereotypes. He tries to educate people about how to treat someone with a disability.”

Randy: “The idea isn’t to draw attention to yourself. It’s to handle the situation quietly, and allow, you know, the person to maybe get something out of it.”

Randy is walking with his guide-dog up a street to his home.

Narrator: “Accepting the challenges of life in a positive spirit, Randy expects the best out of people—and out of himself. He plans to make a difference in the world.”

Randy is facing the camera while sitting on a couch.

Randy: “I figure that if I kind of break down the walls of thinking of one individual, maybe it won’t change the way the world works, but you know what, that’s…I can’t do anything about that. I can maybe help one person think differently. And if I do, and that person comes upon another disabled person, maybe they’ll look at them with different eyes than they would if they had not encountered me.”

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